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Carpet is a piece of fabric that has been used over the years to cover the entire floor of a house. Usually it does not span from one wall to the another but it is divided and placed according to the size of the floor. There are various types of fabric available in the market some are woven, needle felt which are made out of synthetic fibers, knotted pile carpets, tufted carpets, flat with garbage, hook rug and various other types.

Synthetic fibers include nylon, polypropylene, polyester and acrylic. The famous Kashmiri carpets and hand knotted carpets. The first used when we think of a carpet is the beauty it enhances of a room but there are many other utilities a carpet serves.

Benefits of Carpet:


When you move into a new place the appearance matters the most. We paint the walls, we add patterns, add curtains and what not. Regarding the flooring nothing can enhance more than carpets. It creates an image you want for your home. Beautiful carpet can enhance the way you portray your house and people will be just at awe. A good carpet with the harmony of your walls will not will make you shower with compliments for your house. You will just be the centre of the style quotient achieved by thousands and thousands of colors, material and patterns.

Enhance Safety:

A more practical reason of putting carpet on your floor is be due to safety. Think about your cement today marble floors. If some water spills and some person walk on it is defined to fall and break his bones. Putting the carpet in that place will avoid such kind of scenarios. If any fluid Falls, it will absorb it and not let any accident to occur. So, if kids are running around and throwing stuff here and there don’t worry it’s not going to hurt them.


When you walk into any room, the dirt from the shoes accumulate on the floor. If you can’t bet is placed on that place, such a thing will not occur. So, if you have some very good flooring with you need to keep a way that you can put a car but just in front of it. Yes, this somehow works like rug here but it serves the purpose.


Tennis winners review and research on how carpets can be used to absorb sounds. It has been proved data in several studies that carpets can absorb sound. So, if you want to practice you tap dance on your floor there are high chances that the person leaving right below you will get agitated and might come up with a complaint. So, to avoid it place a carpet on your floor and tap all the way you want. nobody is going to come and irritate you.

Cost Savings:

Yes, carpets do safe price. It might sound astonishing to you but over the time if you compare the maintenance of a floor than that of a carpet, carpet wins. Carpet cleaning is much easier than taking care of hard surface flooring. There are multiple ways you can achieve this. Let’s walk you through the types of carpet cleaning:

Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning:

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Steam cleaning is actually an industrial process which is loosely used here. In the context of carpet cleaning steam cleaning just means hot water soil extraction which is also abbreviated as HWE. This process is mainly recommended by maximum carpet manufacturers because it is the most effective method of carpet cleaning. With this it provides a more deeper and cleaner cleanse. Even with all the recommendations this has some disadvantages. This thing could damage man made carpets by the heat. Natural fibre carbon such as wool or velvet can shrink and become fuzzy which is also known as carpet pile burst. This hot water soil extraction method uses certain equipment sprays heated water which is sometimes added with chemicals for cleaning on carpet.

The equipment used for this carpet cleaning process may have a portable unit that plugs into an electric outlet. Hot water extraction cleaning involves application of cleaning agent on soiled surface. The stains on the carpet will be rinsed. Before that by the help of a brush, it is cleansed. After the cleaning is completed, the carpet is washed by the equipment and rinsed thoroughly and left dry in room that is air dry or for fast cleaning air conditioner is used.

An average sized carpet which is typically about three thousand square feet would take about two hours to clean. Also, this can extend to four hours. It is advisable by carpet cleaning companies would advise carpets to be cleaned in the late afternoon so that after the cleaning process is over, the carpet is left to dry completely nightly. The dried carpet can be used again the next day. So, it is ready to use in a day.

There is also an option of truck mount carpet cleaner is also available where long hoses from the truck. This called truckmount cleaning. This option comes into play where electricity is not available. But since hoses are required, for extra distance, long hoses are required which is quite cumbersome. The hoses needed for truck and also for professional portable carpet cleaning may be a trip hazard for people walking past it. Since the door is will be left open, children can escape and so will be the case for pets. Wet cleaning system require ph. to be maintained so that odors, bacteria, fungi and other things go away.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning also one of the most popular methods for cleaning carpets. Chem-Dry is a famous franchise system that uses this method. You can find out more about Chem-Dry carpet cleaning here:

This mechanism mainly involved so usage of specialized machines the technique used. Here are very low moisture systems where instead of using wet Jet sprays dry components are used so as to clean. This is very popular in the market because it takes no time and there is no requirement of water point the it is a very less labour-intensive system point. If you carpet has an area which is mainly soiled it requires manual spotting and apart from the entire treatment it requires on specific treatments where the detergents are emulsifiers used in excel so as to break down the soil part. This is achieved over a shorter period of time.

Although this method was invented lately in the 1980 this has been proved to be one of the most effective cleaning Technologies. The powder is used here has been developed in the market. The dry carpet cleaning uses a brush which is attached to a motor and applies the Powder from the bottom part of the carpet to the entire carpet fibre. The compound here it is in which results in thyroid carpet cleaning. The cleaning compound is mainly made out of biodegradable materials which actually working as micro sponges.

These micro sponges move into every inch of the carpet in absorbs the dirt from the carpet. Different carpet cleaning companies have come up with a different powder so as to meet the needs. You will find country carpet cleaning companies open 24 hours and 7 days a week so anytime in you required you can just go up and get your carpet cleaned. The most important part that we can think about the dry Carpet cleaning that is safe for all types of carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning has been popular with respect to hotels because it is a very quick and easy solution to clean carpet despite of heavy traffic in that area. This kind of carpets required to be clean without any moisture and it’s so as it dries quickly not creating any convenience to the guest of that area. The process of effective to produce good surface cleaning because it mainly involved cleaning the upper part of the carpet fibre using a very heavy-duty motor machine which is attached to a spinning machine. The spinning machine is inserted into the cleaning solution which acts as a sponge to absorb the dirt out of the carpet surface.

Do it is an advantage for these quick solutions but deep cleaning does not occur with this kind of cleaning. But deep cleaning have to go back to dry cleaning or wet cleaning. Since it does not clean it deeply the dirt behind the carpet with which some time will come up to the surface and again you have to go for it so as to clean it quickly. It also tends to spread out the chemical Residue in the carpet surface which is a result of the heavy machinery and the spinning pad.


Carpet cleaning why encapsulation process became popular in the 1990. Here in this time new Polymers began crystalizing soil particles into dry residues on contact. In this cleansing process the Polymers will attach itself to the oily soil particle that is the soil part of your carpet and emulsify them so that they can be arranged very easily. Even with this process the soiling of your carpet will continue which will make your carpet to degrade. This can be overcome by redoing it. Encapsulation are special detergents. Drying time takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Once the cleaning is done the encapsulation leave trace behind and makes the carpet brittle. The solid residue can be removed via vacuum cleaning. There is also a way of foam encapsulation. Foam encapsulation technique has taken its roots from carpet shampooing technique. The carpet shampooing technique also uses less water where the drying time of it will reduce. The form encapsulation cleaning has also been voted as the most environmental friendly way because the products used here is biodegradable and the chemical rate here is very less. So, the chemical Residue left is also quite low. This method has not been proved for heavily soiled carpet it is only for surface cleaning.

Carpet Shampoo

This is one of the oldest Technology until encapsulation came over. Carpet shampooing was introduced in 1970. Carpet shampoo is very efficient for heavily soiled carpets. But the only disadvantage for this type of cleansing is it leaves a lot of moisture in form of foam in the carpet with it takes a lot of time to drive. If it doesn’t rise properly that is without any drinking then that it becomes sticky and the carpet I get soiled. When it is compared to other Technologies of cleaning carpets this gets a little less vote.

Vacuum Wash

Vacuum wash one of the most highly cleaning performed cleansing techniques. It employs a wash head that sprays water without any detergent and removes all the dirt with the help of suction by spring water at a very high speed. Since it does not use any cleaning product it does not have any detergent spread on it. It has been used for quite a long specially with bus and train companies.

Apart from all these industrial methods of washing there are certain household processes also to cleanse your carpet.

You can use vacuum cleaners. Yes, the very household vacuum cleaners are very efficient to get the dirt out of your carpets. It sucks up the dirt and cleanses it. Obviously, you cannot expect a great finesse as that of an industrial way, but it works quite well. Also, the major benefit here is it reduces a lot of money being invested from sending it to an industrial treatment. Although this method has no value if your carpet has some tough stains.

It is always a bad idea to get rid of the stains using detergent for clothes. Neither are they powerful enough to remove the stains nor are they designed to remove such strong rough stains. Products like carpet rods are also used by many household to get rid of the expensive process of carpet stains. There are carpet beating machines available in the market for beating the dust from the carpets.

So give it a try and keep your carpets clean.